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The Be United in Christ Outreach Ministry is a Bible-based ministry whose mission is to teach and promote Christian unity in accordance with God’s Word.

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Explore our Premium Collection of books designed to show you the blueprint for Biblical Christian unity and how to practice it in your daily life.

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Explore our one-of-a-kind Premium Collection designed to educate and inspire you to unity with other believers. As you become one with God and with each other, you will honor the Lord and become an example of His gospel of love to the world! Click on a book cover below for more details.

Grace for Everyday Living

God sees you. He loves you. Before even time began, you were on His mind. It was then that He prepared a bright future for you. He orchestrated His abundant grace and mercy to follow you all the days of your life. Grace for Everyday Living is a waterfall of encouragement refreshing its readers throughout the year.

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God’s Will for Christian Unity

Christians regularly pray for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven. But what is God’s will? And why did Jesus say that knowing and obeying it is essential to entering His kingdom? He said, “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of Heaven, but he who does the will of My Father will enter Heaven.”

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Heaven Is a World of Love

Everyone wants to go to Heaven. No one wants to go to Hell. However, most people understand very little about where they will spend eternity.

In the history of Christianity, no one has written as vividly on the realities of Heaven and Hell as Jonathan Edwards. His two sermons, “Heaven Is a World of Love” and “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God,” are two of the most powerful messages ever preached on the eternal choice facing each one of us.

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John 17:20-26 Exegetical Guide

Did you know that Jesus prayed for you? What an amazing thought! Jesus, your Lord and Savior, prayed for you, His disciple. But what did He pray, and why does it matter? Our John 17:20-26 exegetical guide helps you listen in on our Lord’s prayer that you would be one—united with Him and other believers.

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Essentials of Unity

Unity matters to God, so it should matter to us. Essentials of Unity explains what Christian unity is, why it matters, and what believers should do to live it.

Essentials of Unity provides a Biblical introduction and overview of Christian unity. The Bible tells the amazing story of creation, man’s sin, and God’s gracious response to restore sinners to Himself—even at the cost of His own Son. We are part of that story, ambassadors of God’s reconciling grace.

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Christian Unity and You

Imagine how the world could be transformed if Christians loved each other the way Jesus asked them to. Jesus’ life is the greatest example of love that the world has ever seen. His love changed history! And He told His disciples to love one another as He loved them. When believers live in visible love and unity as Christ lived—unity based on Biblical truth—we will begin to experience a taste of what Heaven will be like.

In Christian Unity and You, you’ll learn helpful truths that you can act on. God calls His children to be transformed, to walk humbly, and to live peacefully together. Genuine, visible love and unity among believers honors the Lord and proclaims His gospel to the world. Learn how you can display this kind of love to your brothers and sisters in Christ, the kind that calls the lost to repentance and builds a strong family of believers. Read Christian Unity and You today.

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Spurgeon on Unity

Inspiring preachers change our lives. In every generation there are those who have been especially gifted by God to deliver His Word in transforming ways. Then there are a handful of ministers that God has used to impact the ages. Their messages live on long after their voices fall silent. Charles Spurgeon is one of God’s enduring spokesmen whose messages still change lives long after his passing.

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1 Corinthians 12 Exegetical Guide

All of us want to belong, to feel connected, to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. For Christians, these healthy desires find their fulfillment in Christ and in the life He wants us to lead as His body.

In our 1 Corinthians 12 exegetical guide, you will discover how God intends to fulfill your deep need for belonging. Every Christian is a part of the body of Christ, the church. You have a distinct place, and you have a vital role. As you read this guide, you will learn how you fit into your community of believers.

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Psalm 133 Exegetical Guide

Blessing. Peace. Eternal life. These words attract us, but what do they really mean? What do they look like from God’s perspective?

King David, the psalmist of Israel, sheds light on these important topics as he sings of the goodness and pleasantness of God’s children living in harmony. He reminds us that the beauty of unity has always been the Lord’s desire and design for His family. Unity is God’s great blessing. Every Christian deeply desires it, and every community desperately needs it.

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Peace and Healing

Our greatest joys and pains come from relationships. Healthy relationships bring happiness; broken ones bring sorrow. Sadly, every one of us struggles with dysfunctional relationships. We need practical, Biblical guidance to restore them. We need peace and healing, which is just what our summary of this classic work helps provide.

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One: The Passion and Prayer of the Lord Jesus Christ

God is one. He exists in perfect unity as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—one God in three persons. God is also love, and He desires His children to enjoy living together in loving unity. This unity is essential to who God is and what He wants from us and for us.

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The Three Great Love Commandments

Within every human heart is the desire to be loved and to show love. It is the mark of God on our lives – a God who embodies love, who IS love, according to the Bible. In His Word, God gives us three great commandments, rules for operating in love with Him, with others, and with our Christian brothers and sisters. These provide the foundation for everything we say and do.

The Three Great Love Commandments will transform your life and your relationships. It will help you to understand these three commandments and how they relate to each other. As you read, you will find the help you need to serve God with a pure and loving heart. Uncover these three great love commandments today.

Editor’s Note: The Three Great Love Commandments is available in two versions: a basic edition designed to be read in just one sitting and a deluxe edition that explores The Three Great Love Commandments in greater depth.

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