Can I burn these files to a CD?

Yes, you can! Here are some things to consider:

An Audio CD can hold up to 80 minutes of audio. That means that you’ll need roughly one burnable CD for every hour of audiobook.

If your computer has an optical drive (i.e. a CD, DVD, or BluRay drive), it is very likely that it can burn audio CDs. More and more computers are sold without optical drives, however, so you will need to assess your own equipment. Additionally, you will need to have software on your computer that burns CDs (most modern operating systems support this natively) and you will need the correct CD media. Check your computer’s documentation to learn more about burning audio CDs.

We are unable to give specific instructions on burning our audiobook files to CDs because your exact configuration will vary, but here are some general steps:

There are several methods of burning CDs offered in most CD burning software. Select Audio Burning rather than Data for burning CDs to be played on your car or home CD player.

Follow any on-screen prompts to burn the files to CD. Some programs will have you click an additional confirmation button to finalize the burn. If you skip this step, the CD may not play in all CD players.

Insert the CD into your car or home stereo system for a test run. The disc should play just like a commercial audio CD. If your stereo cannot play the disc but your computer can, that means the stereo system is unable to decode the files and you will need to use a different format.

Many stereo systems cannot read CD-RWs (Re-Writable disk) so you should use CD-Rs to burn files for use in a home stereo or car CD player.

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