Reintroducing the Be United in Christ Outreach Ministry

In case you’ve missed it, with all the hubbub of the last few months, we want to invite you to explore our website! And, since you’re here, we thought we’d take this opportunity to reintroduce ourselves to you.

The Be United in Christ Outreach Ministry was created by more than fifty individuals in ten states, united by a desire to see God’s will for Christian unity realized in His church today. Beyond our common cause, our team shares several characteristics.

  • We are evangelical. Every member of our team is a devoted follower of Jesus Christ and believes that the Bible is the inspired Word of Almighty God.
  • We are educated. Our team includes theologians, pastors, and ministry leaders with advanced degrees in theology, church history, and Christian counseling.
  • We are dedicated. We have devoted tens of thousands of hours to studying what God’s Word and some of the greatest voices in church history taught about Christian unity.
  • We are diverse. Our team includes ministers, business leaders, authors, editors, web and graphic designers, and others from various denominations and church traditions.
  • We are anonymous. We desire God alone to be glorified and do not want anything to distract anyone hearing what God has to say about His people’s unity. Like John the Baptist, we gladly choose to decrease that Christ might increase (John 3:30).

The Be United in Christ Outreach Ministry is a team of brothers and sisters in Christ united to lead Christians to be united in Christ.

Our objective is to bring about a real change in behavior among Christians by encouraging them to join us through these three easy steps: LEARN, APPLY, and SHARE. We invite you to:

1) Explore the website — you’re here, poke around a little!

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Thank you again for the opportunity to tell you about the Be United in Christ Outreach Ministry. We look forward to sharing more with you in the coming weeks and months.

God bless,

The Be United in Christ Outreach Ministry Team